About us

We believe giving professional service provides professional results. 

Please let us introduce our Company to you. We are C. and A. Courier Inspection Services™. We have been in business since JAN.1997.  Our original services consisted of BWI Express Dedicated Air courier delivery support services in the Baltimore MD areas.

We started in 1997 providing Express On-demand Air Courier support services at BWI Airport. Our past clients include: Sonic Air/UPS, Cap Logistics, ATM Air Freight, Pro-Courier, Quick International, etc.

We take great pride in providing quality professional services. Our motto is professional work done by professional people! We take great pride in providing quality service each time, every time!

Our Company’s Owner/Operator, Mr. Andreas (Andy) Klepp-Egge Jr., has an extensive background in the Express Dedicated Courier Delivery Services industry and also the long-haul OTR trucking industry. Mr. Klepp-Egge Jr has over a million miles of long-haul Hazardous trucking experience.  He also maintained several years of IATA hazmat certification.

We are a small local company that believes in providing consistent reliable mobile inspection services. When you call us, you speak with us. We do not have an answering service. We are available 24-7, 7 days a week, to help you get the job done. We get your job scheduled, inspected, and reported back to you ASAP.

Chain of custody/Courier delivery services:
We collect drug test specimens, at the onsite collection site at your place of business. Strict chain of custody procedures are always used every step of the way to help ensure the integrity of your specimens and the drug test results. We offer fast, reliable and affordable services.

Drug Testing in Maryland

Local Service Area:

Baltimore City, Baltimore County - Anne Arundel County – Carroll County, Howard County - Harford County * 18 mile zip- radius of Baltimore City. 24-7 Rush & Emergency Services


Mobile workplace drug testing and courier delivery/drop-off services
TSA-FAA-STA-TWIC: Airport and Marine terminal Clearance
Mobile Notary Paralegal Courier, CJIS Certified Fingerprinting.
ACI Certified Heavy AG Equip./Comm.Truck Inspections
Member SOFI
FEMA Cert.
DOT # 0950050
DUNNS # 015452704
TSA/DOT FBI background check਍ഀ*Listed on Govt.Registration (CCR/SAM)

I have completed Quest Diagnostics drug testing training: Instant urine testing, hair drug testing, Oral-Eze oral fluid drug testing, DOT urine drug testing and Non-DOT urine drug testing.

We provide independent-unbiased-objective-detailed-quality control loss control reporting for financial institutions, insurance companies, and field inspection companies. We document insurance claim damages, inventory, loan draws, repairs, inspection repairs and contractor disputes. General Services: Commercial Insurance Liability Inspections, Bank Loan-Draw and insurance claim disbursement inspection, Damaged freight claim inspection, Mobile workplace drug testing and courier delivery/drop-off services, ACI Certified Heavy AG Equip./Commercial Truck Inspections, Mobile Notary-CJIS -Fingerprinting

On-Site Real Property due diligence reporting services:
Independent 3rd party inventory verification service company
Asset Integrity Management-Secure Collateral,
Sale Date Inspections-contact inspection for occupancy before sale date,
Commercial field Interviews-Customer Contact,
Delinquent Vehicle  Loan letter delivery,
Dealer Floor Plan Audits,
Leased/rented equipment inspections,
Damaged Freight Insurance Inspection,
Merchant Business Site physical Inspections,
Construction Loan Draw Inspections,
Home mortgage occupancy Checks,
HUD Manufactured & Mobile Home Foundation Inspection,
Baltimore MD Mobile Notary & CJIS Fingerprinting ID verification,
Insurance Premium Audits-Underwriting Surveys-Loss Control data reporting, Insurance underwriting support services
Financial Inspection Services,
Merchant Cash field inspections
Physical on-site Rush Inspection services for real estate REO/BPO. Lenders and banks, financial institutions and investors who have a vested interests in homes and commercial property.
Delinquent Interviews, Occupancy Determination, Foreclosure Inspections, Bankruptcy Inspections, Drive-by Inspections, Sale Date Inspections,24-7  Rush Inspections.

For photo only drive by inspection, Find us at http://fastsnap.com