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Local Baltimore MD Loss control onsite field inspection.
I provide both residential and commercial property on-site loss control reporting services. I confirm the current condition of real property, assets, and collateral. I help underwriters, insurance companies, environmental engineers and national field inspection companies mitigate liability and risks through onsite physical inspections.

Asset Integrity Management-Secure Collateral. We locate and verify asset condition.
Pre-close property Inspections. We verify the property pre-close current condition.
Commercial field Interviews-Customer Contact. We make onsite contact with commercial customers.
Dealer Floor Plan Audits. We verify vehicle floor plan inventories.
Leased/rented equipment inspections. We verify leased equipment condition and location.
Damaged Freight Insurance Inspection. We help facilitate damaged freight claims.
Merchant Business Site physical Inspections. We verify business physical address.
Construction Loan Draw Inspections. We verify the progress of rehab, remediation and construction projects

Engineers Certification Home Foundation HUD Inspection. ALL foundation certifications for manufactured homes require an inspection to determine compliance.

I assist Environmental Engineers in understanding the exact residential/business location, risks/protections, past and present activities and exposures. I verify the current occupancy and condition of the inspected residential or commercial property,  photo documentation of the current physical condition of the property and possible past or current contaminants. Being a mobile notary, paralegal and CJIS certified fingerprint tech, I am familiar with most common documents pertaining to real estate lending.

Environmental Site Assessment

There’s no surprise worse than discovering the property you just purchased is contaminated with some sort of hazardous waste. Conducting a Phase I site assessment can help warn you of unpleasant and very costly problems before you purchase commercial real estate. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has identified about 1,900 hazardous sites, 700 old landfills, and 40,000 storage tank incident sites, and estimates 1,500 contaminated dry cleaning sites. CERCLA is only one of many state and federal laws imposing obligations on owners of contaminated properties. If you’re considering purchasing or selling a property that could be contaminated. an Environmental Site Assessment will help both you and the lender or anyone else that must meet “All  Appropriate Inquiry” requirements.

The Environmental Site Assessment is generally considered the first step in the process of environmental due diligence. Environmental Site Assessments are typically ordered on all commercials and industrial properties and some agricultural properties containing chemical storage, mixing equipment, parking areas or buildings.  They are typically ordered whether it's a new loan or a refinance.

The Environmental Site Assessment involves a review of records, an onsite inspection, and interviews with owners, occupants,neighbors and local government officials. The onsite inspector will be acting as the "eyes and ears" for the Environmental Engineer. Detailed photos will be taken documenting any hazardous conditions seen on the property.

Property Condition Assessment-Onsite physical property inspection.

This onsite inspection is to determine the overall condition of the property. Close observation is need if there are any building components (paving, roof, windows, landscaping, deferred maintenance, etc.) or building systems (HVAC, plumbing, lighting, high-cost systems, etc.) that will need to be replaced in the next few years. Close observations are needed with a rating noted on the inspection sheet. Add notes to clarify issues as needed.

Property values can be adversely effected by contaminated property...Standard on the Valuation of Properties Affected by Environmental Contamination.
Financing is known to affect property value. The impact is particularly significant when favorable or unfavorable financing is obtained. In the case of environmentally contaminated properties, two types of financing effects need to be considered: the ability of a prospective buyer to finance the purchase of the property and the terms for financing the actual costs to cure contamination problems. If prospective buyers cannot obtain typical financing due to the problem, the cash equivalency value of the property will be diminished. If terms for financing the costs to cure problems are poor, additional liability or unfavorable debt will reduce buyer income anticipation and thereby reduce market value. Many lenders, particularly in Region 5 EPA (which includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) are developing innovative programs to help finance blighted land revitalization.

With meth-contaminated homes, it's buyer beware...a real estate agent who had bought the home to fix up and sell, spent about $26,000 on meth testing, cleanup and then retesting to ensure it was safe for the new homeowner to move in. Other buyers have discovered such contamination too late, losing thousands of dollars and winding up with homes that had to be stripped to the studs. Colorado's Neighborhood Stabilization Program operated in areas with high foreclosure rates, purchasing, renovating and selling 167 single family homes and 139 multifamily rental units. 7 percent of the single-family and 11 percent of the multifamily units properties were contaminated,by meth.

Guidelines for Cleaning Up Former Methamphetamine Labs...Meth (methamphetamine) labs, used to make the illegal drug methamphetamine, turn up in houses, apartments, motel rooms, sheds, trailers and even motor vehicles. In 2000, federal, state and local authorities seized more than 940 labs in Oklahoma alone. The number of lab seizures by law enforcement increases each year.

Rapid onsite employee drug testing: PreHire and employee Screening Support Services.

Simple urine rapid drug testing yields reliable results in just minutes. These tests are performed on-site at your location. With onsite simple urine rapid drug testing, organizations implementing drug testing, do not have to send staff to labs for testing. You can have the testing done at your workplace without interfering with PreHire appointments, orientations or employees working schedules. With the ability to conduct a weekly Pre-Hire rapid drug test, human resource can make timely appropriate hiring decisions without waiting for drug test results from labs.

I have the following Quest Diagnostics drug testing training:
Instant urine testing, hair drug testing, Oral-Eze oral fluid drug testing, DOT urine drug testing and Non-DOT urine drug testing.

Services offered:
Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug & Alcohol Testing
DOT Program Management and Compliance
Workplace Drug Testing
DNA Paternity Testing
Instant Drug Test Supply Distribution (Over 500 skews in stock ready to ship to your clients)
Drug Detection Assessments
Student & Athletic Testing
Steroid Testing
Hair Follicle Testing
Drug Test Collections
Supervisor Training Programs
Employee Education Programs
Nicotine Testing
Alcohol Testing
Court Ordered Drug Testing

Reports are for industry specific information purposes only. Reports are based solely on "on-site"  field visual observations and verbal information provided to us by the on-site contact. The user of this report should not place unmerited reliance on the information contained in the report. The onsite inspection information is provided for the specific fee charged, for the sole purpose of "on-site" observed general information. We do not assume any liability arising out of the use, by other outside entities, of the report/information.  Any user(s) of the information contained in this report agree to hold us harmless from any and all liability arising from the use and/or distribution of the information contained in the report.

We provide independent-unbiased-objective-detailed-quality control loss control reporting for financial institutions, insurance companies, and field inspection companies. We document insurance claim damages, inventory, loan draws, repairs, inspection repairs and contractor disputes.