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C. and A. Courier Inspection Services,  Providing proactive loss control, risk management, due diligence data reporting and field inspection support services to lenders, insurance companies, finance companies, and national field inspection companies for leased equipment and vehicles, and freight insurance claims management

Insurance loss control refers to any actions taken by a policyholder to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to avoid a situation on which a claim might be made. We are here to help companies do just that. Conducting proactive due diligence  in loss control just makes good business sense. The less claims you need to report, the more profit you make.

Our goal is to provide superior commercial liability loss control support services. Out in the field, we are your eyes and ears. We document the current location and condition of property, assets and collateral.  We photo document the physical condition of the property and provide honest condition reports.  All reports can be tailored to the client’s specific requests.

Today's Lenders and insurance companies face an ever-present liability threat. Property damage and injury lawsuits are an unfortunate reality of doing business in our litigious society. Lenders and insurance companies need to know who and what they are lending to and insuring!

Being pro-active on loss control can make a huge difference in today's profit and loss margins. Many older buildings are being utilized for commercial purposes. It is far cheaper to lease an old building than to build a new building. Obtaining a Pro-Active Loss Control on-site inspection is the only way for the insurer to verify that the commercial businesses they insure are operating in buildings that are up to current building codes. Every day we see many businesses operating out of older buildings that have: asbestos insulation, aluminum wiring, improperly built raised wood decks, standing water in the basement, mold and mildew growth, antiquated fuse circuit protection, downspouts discharging onto sidewalks, cracks in their foundations, debris piled behind buildings, tree and vegetation over growth, etc. Without an independent Pro-Active Loss Control inspection, many insurer's are left open to losses from these easy fixes. Do not rely solely on public info when dealing with old buildings. Property tax records are rarely accurate. Many buildings have additions added, thus the listed square footage can be off by as much as half.

Another important part of loss control, that we do not frequently see addressed by commercial liability insurance underwriters, is workplace drug enforcement. This is a very important part of commercial liability loss control. Providing a safe and drug free workplace will reduce employee liability claims for accidents and  lost productivity. New hire and current employee drug testing is a must to ensure the workplace remains a safe, drug free, and productive work environment.

We provide Rapid onsite employee drug testing: PreHire and employee Screening Support Services.

Simple urine rapid drug testing yields reliable results in just minutes. These tests are performed on-site at your location.

Onsite Testing
With onsite simple urine rapid drug testing, organizations implementing drug testing, do not have to send staff to labs for testing. You can have the testing done at your workplace without interfering with PreHire appointments, orientations or employees working schedules. With the ability to conduct a weekly Pre-Hire rapid drug test, human resource can make timely appropriate hiring decisions without waiting for drug test results from labs.

Fast Results
With rapid onsite drugs testing you will get your results in minutes.. This is very fast when compared to lab tests that can take days or weeks to reveal results.

Saves on Costs
With rapid onsite urine drug testing, your organization will save a lot  of money, as rapid onsite drug testing will be used for an initial drug screening process. Only those who are found positive will be expected to send their test to labs for confirmation. This will greatly save on costs as opposed to having all staff send their tests to the lab. Testing is available 24-7. Rush services are also available.

Independent 3rd party verified results
No conflict of interest with independent 3rd party testing. Results can be photo verified and documented. We provide independent unbiased 3rd party onsite workplace rapid drug testing.

Urine Drug Screening
Available urine drug screen rapid tests range from one to nine drugs including:
Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Marijuana metabolite, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine (PCP), Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Propoxyphene, Oxycodone.

On-Site Real Property due diligence reporting services: Inventory verification, Asset Integrity Management, Sale Date Inspections, Commercial field Interviews-Customer Contact, Dealer Floor Plan Audits, Leased/rented equipment inspections, Damaged Freight Insurance Inspection, Merchant Business physical onsite Inspections, Construction Loan Draw Inspections, Home mortgage occupancy Checks, HUD Manufactured & Mobile Home Foundation Inspection,Baltimore MD Mobile Notary & CJIS Fingerprinting ID verification,Insurance Premium Audits-Underwriting Surveys-Loss Control data reporting, Insurance underwriting support services

Physical on-site Rush Inspection services for real estate REO/BPO. Lenders and banks, financial institutions and investors who have a vested interests in homes and commercial property. Drive-by Inspections, Sale Date Inspections,24-7  Rush Inspections.

We provide unbiased-detailed loss control reporting for financial institutions, insurance companies, Environmental Engineers and field inspection companies. We document insurance claim damages, inventory, loan draws, repairs, inspection repairs and contractor disputes.

General Services: Commercial Insurance Liability Inspections, ESA – Environmental Due Diligence Real Property inspections, Bank Loan-Draw and insurance claim  disbursement inspection, Damaged freight claim inspection, Collateral & Asset Verifications, ACI Certified Heavy AG Equip./Commercial Truck Inspections, Mobile Notary-CJIS -Fingerprinting, Rapid onsite employee simple urine drug testing, PreHire and employee Screening Support Services.